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Research Services

Research Services


We aim to help you achieve your goals with

  • high quality, compelling results with
  • greater depth, and
  • superior online reporting access

complemented with valuable analysis and strategy advice from a senior team which aims to give you market leadership. Our team has extensive experience in market research, marketing, policy and product development and communications. 

Full suite of services

We deliver a full suite of research services, including:

  • Industry-leading online panels for national and segmented populations
  • Telephone surveys (using both landline nd mobile numbers)
  • Mail surveys
  • Focus groups
  • One-on-one in-depth telephone interviews
  • Public consultation.

Associated companies can help you prepare and deliver marketing, communications and advocacy.

SalesAdvantage: Profit from a unique service to identify definite buyers

See what would happen if 59% of your customers told you exactly what they'd definitely buy, at what prices and when.

And if you could quickly model offers which would deliver maximum gross profit and sales – and send them directly to your willing buyers. All on the one system.

See more detail - and FREE customer loyalty scheme research report.

HorizonPoll Panels:

Horizon can serve you immediately with access to our

  • HorizonPoll panel, comprising a nationally representative population sample. (In February 2012 Horizon also acquired the Sustainable Business Council's ShapeNZ panel, further boosting the research capacity available to you).
  • Specialist nationwide Horizon Research Māori Panel, comprising a representative population sample of people who identify their ethnicity as Māori.

We also:

  • Host clients’ own panels which can be researched at will, providing powerful, market-leading customer, supporter and other database management services through our Horizon 360 service
  • Design and host surveys which you can invite your customer or other targets to complete.

Real time results - Unique system access

We also uniquely give you direct access to results online and to use our market leading weighting, and results reporting and analysis tools.


Within seconds you can monitor response progress, weight samples and produce graphic and table results. Typically we can produce reliable weighted results within hours of a survey launching, to give you a decided edge.

We also provide detailed online Dashboard reporting, with log-in or public access options.

Respondents to any survey conducted by Horizon may be

  • Quickly assembled into sub-panels based on responses
  • Directly e-mailed with offers by Horizon’s clients, based on a respondent’s expressed wish to be called to act.

Horizon aims to help clients develop valuable intelligence to

  • Guide public affairs and advocacy
  • Help achieve marketing goals
  • Significantly drive sales and recruitment
  • Recruit donors and activists to specific campaigns
  • Help develop key messages and optimise communications.

Talk to us about your needs. We can deliver

  • Verticals by
  • Social and other media use
  • Location (local authority, general electorate, post code).

How does your performance compare?

Our unique Comparative Performance Dashboard technology will quickly present you with reports on your comparative performance in relation to your competitors on a large number of factors. Log in from anywhere at any time and pin-point where performance is above or below parity, and track these vital indicators from survey to survey!

Run online dashboard results in just 2 minutes, like our customers in several major markets - who now know exactly what they and their competitors are doing right and wrong.

Fast, robust - and highly effective

Clients using the Horizon service may launch and enjoy fully weighted poll results within hours in immediate response to policy developments, products, campaign or other issues.

For clients engaged in public affairs and policy work, it will help develop policy solutions, identify key messages to help best communicate them and help set the national agenda while reinforcing or building brand values.

We capture both quantitative and qualitative results.

Please download more information on our services here.

Representative population samples - highly reliable results

at least 93% of adults in New Zealand now access the internet - more than have a telephone land line.

Horizon obtains representative population samples using online research in which it has specialised since 2005. Check how Horizon's online results compare with others' surveys conducted by telephone here.

Want to survey in another country?

Horizon's platform also hosts surveys sent to lists of survey respondents outside of New Zealand. Ask how our technology can be deployed quickly and cost efficiently for you in another key market.

Want to experience of the power of Horizon?

Please contact 

Julia Ord


Horizon Research Ltd

Telephone:        +64 27 706 8790



Graeme Colman


Horizon Research Limited

Telephone +64 21 848 576



Who we are


What our clients experience

You want mobile?

Horizon delivers mobile surveys:

  • Results in real time
  • Optimised for all devices
  • Answers selected with a single touch
  • Targeted to national or specific audiences
  • Carrying your brand for specific customer and other surveys!
Don't miss the increasing number of New Zealanders completing surveys on mobile devices!

What our clients are experiencing:

TIMELY, PROACTIVE: "A big thank you ... I really value your professionalism, responsiveness and proactive ideas for further research" - Senior Government Research Insights Manager..

SERVICE: "I want to say a massive thank you to you Graeme and your team. You have really done us proud and gone above and beyond."

OUR UNIQUE ONLINE RESULTS REPORTING SYSTEM:  “There is so much useful information in there - it could keep us busy for months just searching through it. I hadn't realised we would have access to that results portal - it's great and going to make our lives so much easier.”

“We knew what the market result would be two months ahead”

Horizon likes to keep you ahead.

For one client we conducted online research into an agricultural industry share float.

Two months ahead of the float closing, our client knew it would be under subscribed – and WHY.

Its competitor continued to spend more than $360,000 promoting the float, its extensive newspaper advertising and consultation missing the serious questions potential investors wanted answered.

Our client had access to the results in real time.

The float achieved the exact level of subscription our research had forecast.

Real-time access to the investment targets’ qualitative comments gave our client the intelligence they needed to counter arguments, and redirect strategy to avoid wasteful and costly activity.


And then there was the thrill of the campaign and unique direct access to our results analysis systems: “It was actually quite exciting, being able to see the results come in in real time as often as we liked”.


Though we know there are confidence levels in market research results (and we can get our maximum margins of error down to +/- 1% on some samples of nearly 4000 respondents!), it’s always good to hit the nail right on the head:

  • 1% of respondents to one of our HorizonPoll surveys said they belonged to our client's nationwide organisation: Its membership equates to exactly 1% of the national population aged 18+

  • In a January 2011 HorizonPoll mood of the nation survey for the Sunday Star Times, the number of New Zealanders who indicated they would migrate permanently overseas in the coming year matched the official figures for those who had left in the year to November 20, 2010.

  • Repeated surveys covering the numbers who are members of KiwiSaver produce results matching actual scheme membership.

  • When another research company published its quarterly readership figures for newspapers and publications – HorizonPoll results were either the same or within the 1% margin of error. The other study had involved 3000 interviews over four months. Horizon’s research involved 4000 over four days, delivering a market edge for our clients. We've done another four surveys since. While the rest of the market is awaiting a quarterly result, our major corporate clients have been enjoying precise information on readership advantages among specific target audiences, including those with the highest purchasing power. We also measure which main newspapers are the most and least trusted by their readers.


  • The number of people own mobile phones in New Zealand is exactly as HorizonPoll results state. (And we can see who has what share of the market, and even doesn't have or use a landline. If you want that filtered by anything - media use, sports interests... well we can tell you in less than 20 seconds! If you want us to text thousands of them, we can do that too!)

Efficiency and cost efficiency

Where one Horizon client faces a bill for more than $36,000 for a 1000-respondent online survey from another research company, Horizon has in the interim delivered a 2,200+ respondent nationwide research study for less than one third of that sum: Horizon does not insist on providing analysis and reports if our clients are capable of doing it themselves. Of course, we typically produce in-depth reports with analysis and strategy as part of our competitive fee.

Combining online and offline market research

When one of our clients wanted to reach a very specific group within a minority population segment, not only did we have this group well represented in our national online databases, we could also recruit more into a client panel – and supplement the research with a mailed paper survey: just to provide assurance that a potentially hard-to-get segment is covered. Now they will be able to present evidence to their stakeholders and partners in relation to the management of more than $1 billion in assets.  We also combne online and telephone interviews for some surveys.

"What a fantastic turn around!"

That was the excited response from an Horizon client who called at 11am on a Friday to urgently launch a survey. Results were needed close of business Tuesday. Our client was given expert assistance with questionnaire design and signed it off 4pm that day. The survey to a filtered group of people in employment went into the field 10am Saturday. Horizon carefully managed messages, incentives and a reminder to potential respondents. Full, weighted results of 1000 respondents nationwide were available 4pm on Monday.

Why not feel the "excitement" too?

Thanks for reading this.

Enjoy the accuracy, speed, cost efficiency, experienced service (and the “excitement”) of working with Horizon.

You are welcome to contact us now:

Julia Ord


Horizon Research Ltd

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Or Horizon's Principal, Graeme Colman:

Telephone: +64 21 84 85 76


And get a glimpse of some of our results