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Support for helping first home buyers with deposits

18 Jun 18

Credit: firsthomebuyersclub
Support for helping first home buyers with deposits
Twice as many support help with deposits than oppose

More New Zealanders support than oppose the idea of a shared equity scheme to help people buy their first homes.

41% would support a scheme under which the Government and others might put money in as a deposit for first home buyers who are buying homes costing between $500,000 and $600,000.

Buyers would pay less up front and repay the deposit over time. It is argued this would allow more people to buy their first home.

19% oppose the idea, according to a survey conducted by Horizon Research.

24% are neutral and 15% not sure.

Strong support is at 25%, strong opposition 8%.

The idea has more support than opposition among those who voted at the last general election for the Labour, National, New Zealand First and Green parties.

ACT 2017 voters are the only ones opposed (87% against, 11% for). 40% of National voters support the idea, 24% oppose. Among Labour voters, 52% support, 11% oppose; Green 58% support, 21% oppose; New Zealand First 52% support, 22% oppose.

The results are from a nationwide housing affordability perceptions survey of 1,343 adults, representing 18+ population, conducted by Horizon Research in April 2018. At a 95% confidence level, the maximum margin of error is +/- 2.7%.

For further information, from this housing affordability survey, which also covers:

  • New Zealanders’ views on the proposed shared equity policy, to help first home buyers with deposits to buy, and a ban on agents for rental properties charging letting fees
  • How difficult people found finding their rental properties and
  • Landlords’ views on the appeal of rental guarantees offered by rental agencies

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