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Pity the landlords: 60% suffer rent non-payments

4 Jul 18

Pity the landlords: 60% suffer rent non-payments
60% of landlords experience non-rent payment

Six out of 10 landlords have had tenants not pay rent at some time.

A Horizon Research survey finds only 40% say they have never had the problem.

1% say they have had a tenant failed to pay rent once a year or more.

That's rent not paid once or more a year for more than 70,000 properties.

Among those experiencing rental payment defaults each year, 9% say its happening two to three times a year, 0.5% once a month (about 2,650 times) and 0.5% more frequently than once a month:

Horizon finds 70% of landlords are managing their own rental properties and 30% are using rental agents.

(Note: numbers exceed 100% because multiple answer choice was allowed).

Rental guarantees

Some rental agencies have started offering to pay the rent when tenants do not.

Horizon finds the idea appeals to 56% of landlords.

Asked if they'd be prepared to receive a little less rent each week for that guarantee, 12% say definitely, 32% definitely not.

The results are from a nationwide housing affordability perceptions survey of 1,343 adults, representing 18+ population, conducted by Horizon Research in April 2018. At a 95% confidence level, the maximum margin of error is +/- 2.7%.

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