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Quake regions' top priority: basic infrastructure

28 Sep 10

Credit: Br3nda
Quake regions' top priority: basic infrastructure
Residents tell authorities to focus on restoring serices

Getting water, sewerage and other basic services restored is the task most Canterbury residents want the Government and councils to focus on.


The Second highest priority should be re housing, and rehabilitating the housing, of those whose homes are worst affected by the September 4 earthquake and aftershocks.


An HorizonPoll survey of 385 people living in Christchurch City and Waimakariri and Ashburton district council areas, asking an open ended question on what priorities should be now for the recovery, also finds people almost equally want:


  • Earthquake Commission assessments and payments made faster
  • improved communication with them by authorities, and
  • action to deal with what they call con artists, scams and rip offs.

Another says:  “Catch those arseholes kicking over Portaloos”.


Particular sympathy emerges to ensure residents in the hardest hit suburbs are properly cared for.


One comments: “Which politician would use a Portaloo for a year?”


Pouring out more than 7000 words, people make 259 suggestions for priority actions:


  • 66% want infrastructure and services restored
  • 11.6% want people re housed and homes rehabilitated quickly
  • 5.2% want the Earthquake Commission to deal more quickly with assessments
  • 4.2% want Earthquake Commission claims paid out more quickly
  • 4% want better communication with those affected by the quakes
  • 4% want authorities to make sure new buildings are quakeproof, with one saying:  “Prepare for another big one”
  • 2% want more security provided.

A smaller group say they want historic buildings rebuilt of replicated

Comments made by respondents include:


What should be the highest priorities now for councils and the Government?


  • To rehouse people
  • 1. Safety first
    2. getting services back on for those without sewerage and water facilities
  • Accommodation repairs and services in affected residential areas
  • Small business recovery
  • Act together and get damaged neighbourhoods back to normal as quickly as possible.
  • All existing brick chimneys, and all buildings of double-brick construction, should be required to be either strengthened or demolished, since they are death traps in an earthquake.
    Planning permission should not be granted for residential dwellings on land with a high liquefaction risk.
  • Assess the buildings and determine if they are safe and able to be fixed or demolished.
  • assisting the people whose homes have been condemned
  • Basic services, water, sewerage. Stability of damaged property
  • Building reconstruction and earthquake proofing older buildings
  • Business
  • Businesses cleared for trading and the worst hit areas first, although some of the least damaged could be quicker jobs to do.
  • care for the really needy
  • checking on the elderly and making sure everybody has help with toilets, food, water and medical help
  • Christchurch’s recovery
  • Clean water and sewerage repaired
  • Clearing damaged buildings and offering free dumping of earthquake damage hard fill to help with the clean up. Repairing roads and sewerage and water mains
  • Communicating with the people whose houses are unlivable. They seem distressed about lack of communication and what to do from here...
  • Communication with the badly affected people - many of my friends in the Kaiapoi area do NOT have any definite decisions being made by Authorities.
  • Communication! They talk about 'transparency' all the time -it shouldn't be just a buzz word -we actually need to see it! (Regular updates from Council in The Press, on TV would be great!) Also rebuilding the CBD and the worst-affected areas -Dallington, Avonside, and Bexley etc. Also reviewing the earthquake strength building code, which I think is in progress already
  • Continue to get infrastructure and utilities up and running. continue to focus on the needs of the community and not political gain
  • Councils - repair and improve infrastructure (water, roads, sewage systems)
    Govt - community support for those who have lost homes, more resource is needed by EQC they are not coping with the workload, people have to wait too long
  • councils should re-consider replacing some sub-divisions as these appear to be extremely unsuitable areas and Government should consider the responsibility of the EQC
  • Councils: restoration of services to homes and safe streets. Government: ensuring funding is available, ensuring that all obstacles to immediate restoration are removed; ensure adequate policing of scam artists and burglars.
  • Cutting red tape and get on with job of helping those in need regardless.
  • Deciding how best to rebuild city and ensuring building starts as soon as possible. Ensure those businesses that are not operating again yet get help to get back on their feet as soon as possible. To plan the new CBD to look good and preserve our history whilst moving forward too.
  • Doing what is right, doing what is Just and doing what is fair, using their commonsense and truth to lead the people correctly
  • Don't know
  • Earthquake proofing buildings
  • Earthquake Strengthening, helping people relocate if necessary
  • electricity housing homeless swage
  • Engaging engineers to report on substrata to areas where homes are condemned to assess the remedy to determine whether these affected areas can be rebuilt on or whether the land needs to be stripped and reinstated before construction can recommence. The cost should be borne by council and government without the ongoing cost being passed down to the unfortunate people who have been affected. The councils have approved that people build in the areas that have been affected by liquefaction and the people have built in these locations in good faith!!!
  • ensure no-one is more severely affected through no fault of theirs, just unlucky to live in hit area
  • ensure services are restored as soon as possible
  • Ensure that all basic services are top priority, but also encourage those to help themselves. Communication needs to be conveyed to the people of Canterbury just to know what is being done and when. The more the people know the less helpless they feel.
  • Ensure those who have lost their properties be helped to relocate and get their lives back to some sort of normality
  • Ensuring all people who have had to move from their homes are adequately sheltered in the short term and kept informed on the progress of their future to prevent anxiety and frustration eroding their confidence and energy.
  • Ensuring and subsidising rebuilding to modern standards and 'quake proofing' heritage buildings as a pro active step to avoiding future EQC claims.
  • Ensuring basic services are back in place as soon as possible and that no-one has to live in substandard housing.
  • Ensuring claims and repairs met fast
  • Ensuring essential services are restored to all homes and business areas, then starting the demolition and reparation process of buildings and roads.
  • ensuring people get paid out and homes rebuilt safely and quickly
  • Ensuring procedures are in place for the next emergency - whatever it may be. Finding ways to protect water from contamination and trying to help those without houses or sewage.
  • Ensuring that all people affect by the earthquake have services resumed as quickly as possible.
  • Ensuring that all people have sewerage and clean running water, and then rehousing displaced people.
  • Ensuring that all the facilities are restored to those people without. Making sure that nothing is rushed and taking the time to do things properly. The biggest mistake would be to rush into rebuilding areas and than having regrets about the outcome in the near future. Again I refer mostly to Kaiapoi whose centre has been severely damaged and lots of scope now to recreate a fantastic town centre and bring some life back to the town with careful planning rather than on an ad hoc basis.
  • Ensuring that everyone is in safe housing, even those who may not want to move. Ensuring that essential services are up and running. Seeking help from W & I to get skilled unemployed people from around the country to be able to temporarily move to Christchurch to help
  • Ensuring that the people who are still without housing, water, power and sewage get it back on and can start returning to some semblance of a normal life. I think it is important to recognise that most people have found this a distressing and stressful time and it’s important not to expect people to "go back to normal" we don't have a normal anymore.
  • EQC assessment
  • Essential services such as water, sewage etc.
  • Expedite a rebuilding programme that recognises the opportunity to provide the city with a modern identity - as was done in Napier. By all means retain heritage buildings that have REAL heritage value but avoid being hysterical about old buildings that have little merit other than being "old"
  • Families and business
  • Families who have lost a lot because we are not getting anything.
  • finish getting things fixed and helping people who are in hardship
  • Fixing the Sewerage system. Taking time to form the right plan for the new building that will take place, please let nobody who has their own agenda be on the panel. We need to take care of our heritage buildings but at the same time look to the future.
  • Fixing things broken by the earthquake
  • Following up with water etc being available to all. Helping out families who have lost their homes.
  • For people who lost not only their homes but their sections as well, getting them relocated as soon as possible.
  • For the people that haven’t got homes to be housed immediately, some people are living in homes that have no services at all and it could be like that for some time yet.
  • Forget about the media attention and get on with rebuilding our city. Canterbury people have really got together to help each other. The people of Avonside who still do not have water or sewage along with the people of Brooklands need a huge amount of help right now.
  • Fundamental services up and running. I.e. power, sewage & water.
  • Get sewerage fixed and make sure people are settled and happy.
  • Get the sewers fixed quicker
  • Get the basic services back on (water and sewerage) and help people with welfare grants
  • Get the City working again, essential services sorted and assist those people displaced from their home.
  • Get the hard decisions made now not further down the track i.e. within the next 10days
  • Get the infrastructure running smoothly again. People need to get their lives into a semblance of order
  • Get the infrastructure fixed
  • get those still without water and sewer in the streets highest on the priority list....take the important jobs and do them first...don't give in to the loudest yellers....we all understand there is far more people worse long as there is a promise to get all the homes/ roads and fallen buildings sorted within the year.
    I think we should also ask those business’s in Australia that are experts on disasters to lend a helping hand
  • Get water and sewerage restored in all areas. Get people housed
  • Get water on & sewage fixed or put people in motels NOW
  • Getting all basic facilities to all damage affected houses-sewage and power.
  • Getting all homes and businesses assessed as quickly as possible. Making sure everyone has access to funds if they need them not just if their home damaged. Making funds available for business people affected. Making sure everyone in affected areas has sufficient support, water, and more Portaloos and make sure the areas are re-built correctly and in keeping with their surroundings and Christchurch image as well
  • Getting all people back into homes. Local families still unsure if they can rebuild on property etc
  • Getting all sewerage and water to all homes affected and getting answers to people who don't know if they can stay in their houses or able to rebuild on their land. Helping to get all businesses, especially the smaller ones up and running.
  • Getting Avonside back with power, water, sewerage etc
  • Getting basic infrastructure up and running and helping those who have been genuinely displaced.
  • Getting businesses up and running to bring revenue back to the community and rehousing families, especially the elderly and ones with younger children
  • Getting Christchurch in its hardest hit places back to as normal as possible or relocate people in those areas to proper facility so that residents can get back to life so they don't have to be stressed and worried about if they can flush there toilet, wash their clothes or even having a shower.
  • Getting essential services running again
  • getting everyone’s water and sewage working
  • Getting everything and everyone back to 'normal'
  • getting homes and infrastructure up and running
  • Getting housing, water and sewerage up and running
  • Getting infrastructure up and running and assisting those most seriously affected.
  • getting people back into their homes and providing help for the children who might need it after that making sure that all homes and buildings are built to last thru and earthquake of at least this magnitude, this also applies to roads etc
  • getting people back into their homes if possible or into new homes if not
  • Getting people back into their homes or have them rebuild asap and water, sewage up and running and people's livelihood up and running and rates rent etc free to compensate the loss of income
  • Getting people back into their homes & finding new ones for them & having empathy & understanding.
  • getting people back on track make sure the building industry doesn't take advantage
  • Getting people into new accommodation/working toilet facilities.
  • Getting people who have been badly affected back to normality.
  • Getting peoples back in their homes
  • Getting peoples basic needs met, e.g. water and sewerage, roading in the area and rebuilding homes and businesses as soon as practical
  • Getting people's claims sorted to reduce stress on families
  • Getting people's damaged homes sorted out quickly. Some sort of fund for people who have lost their jobs due to quake.
  • Getting people's house re-built. Getting help from around the country - stop turning tradesmen away - insurance companies have told house building companies to :"take their time" in re-building people’s homes - unacceptable. It will NOT be a fram led recovery - for god sake get politics out of the equation and get people into homes here who need now - not 1 year down the track!!!
  • Getting people’s houses assessed and getting them into new houses. Getting business buildings assessed and making well informed decisions about whether they can be saved or need to be demolished.
  • getting people’s houses repaired, or replaced if unable to repair
  • getting people’s lives back to normal, homes, water etc for those still with out
  • Getting power, water, and sewerage restored to the areas that are currently without. And structurally reinforce the buildings that are at risk
  • getting services back to the residence that still don’t have all amenities back
  • Getting services up to normal, and ensuring that demolitions are done as s soon as possible so that roads can be reopened.
  • Getting sewerage and water services back up and running to those who still haven't got it, supporting those who have lost their homes and helping people recover from the stress and trauma of the event.
  • Getting Sewerage connected to houses still habitable somehow, temporary above ground maybe?
    Making a decision one way or another about historic buildings so the people in business in cordoned off area can move forward.
  • Getting sewers, power and water to ALL Cantabrians. It was heartbreaking to see so many people on TV still facing hardship and being told it could take a year. I wonder what politician would use a portaloo for a year!!
  • Getting the communication out to people about timelines on repairs and insurance quotes.
  • getting the electricity and sewerage etc sorted for people who don’t have it yet, then getting the city back into order asap so people can get back to their natural lives, which will keep them occupied and not stressed, also getting therapy for those struck the worst
  • Getting the infrastructure working 100% and continue to communicate what is happening.
  • Getting the infrastructure working properly again and making sure everyone has a place to stay if they cannot return to their house.
  • Getting the infrastructure, e.g. sewer and water working safely
  • Getting the people who have damaged homes into affordable accommodation until their homes can be repaired and for those whose homes are beyond repair, get them completely paid up so they can start to move on with their lives.
  • Getting the services up and running like water and sewer
  • Getting the sewerage seen to, and placing people in temporary accommodation
  • Getting the surge and water pipes fixed.
  • Getting the sewerage system up and running, providing homes for those without one, keeping everyone safe.
  • getting the water and sewers back working
  • Getting those seriously affected back into a home.
  • Getting those who are still seriously affected back on track, trying to get a sense of normality back. Helping those who are out of work thru no fault of their own and coming up with plans to financially help them to pay their bills/mortgages. Fast tracking the RMA so there are no lengthy hold ups etc for people trying to get their lives back.
  • getting water and sewage back up and running and then getting those who have no home somewhere to live
  • Getting water and sewerage back on to properties still without... think Parker was great.
  • Getting water and sewerage working. Housing for those whose homes have been made inhabitable.
  • getting water back on for those still without it
    assistance to get houses rebuilt
  • Getting water, sewerage and power restored. getting worst damaged areas assessed ASAP
  • Give the people information and act on it for the people whose houses are damaged
  • Having families in homes with services such as sewerage and clean water.
  • Health - adequate water and sewerage supply re established.
    Ensuring affected people are not 'preyed upon' - e.g. if have to shift into temporary rental accommodation that rental costs post earthquake are not inflated from pre earthquake rates - annoyed at stories of people making a quick buck out of the demise of others.
    Ensuring that the heritage of the area is preserved if it is cost effective to do so.
  • Health issues, Water Supply. Sewerage
  • help get things back to normal living
  • Helping businesses getting up and running - and getting out to people’s homes that have been damaged and checking them.
  • helping people get back in their homes and fixing sewerage water problems
  • Helping people out with getting them rehoused and re-employed if out of work
  • helping people that have nowhere to live and fixing up the city
  • Helping people who cannot live in their houses and businesses Owners who cannot carry on due to buildings next door not being safe.
  • Helping people who have lost their homes and businesses get back into a livable home and get their businesses up and running again as soon as possible.
  • Helping people who haven't been able to move back into their homes
  • Helping the people in streets worst hit who are still without water and sanitation. Avonside area seems the worst from the news media I have seen.
  • Helping those families and business that cannot live in their own home or use premises. Also help those families that are living in damaged homes that don’t have water or sewage.
  • Homes, family well being and welfare, water and health!!!!
  • House that are destroyed and properties that don't have the basis amenities
  • Housing
  • housing and assistance for those effected
  • Housing and caring for those hardest hit
  • Housing for all people now homeless as a result of the quake
  • human wellbeing
  • I have been very impressed with volunteers, who have come out in huge numbers and must be saving both the council and the Government thousands of dollars. Quick decisions on Heritage buildings would be an advantage to all.
  • I think that by clearing away all rubble, demolishing all condemned buildings and removing the materials would go a long way to establishing an almost 'normal' feeling amongst Cantabrians living in Christchurch. There then should be some plan on repairing historic buildings, or building earthquake resistant replicas, with open meetings and with the public being able to give input. Next we need to then earthquake proof those historic buildings and older homes and commercial buildings so that they might withstand the next big quake. Finally, though I have much admiration for the way Mayor Bob Parker handled himself, I do not feel he is the right man to continue running the council as his term in office has been littered with closed doors, exclusion of citizens from policy and planning, and I believe that Jim Anderton is the man to lead Christchurch into full recovery and establish what will be brand new for our city.
  • I think they are doing enough by providing counseling and working fast to get the city back up and running
  • Identifying the immediate needs and addressing these issues as a priority Relief for those still without a home as a priority
    Planning for future events like this - and trying to save ChCh Heritage as much as possible
  • Improving the local economy
  • In regards to Water and sewage systems: Do exactly what they are doing now. That is wait to see what the next best step is. It is sensible to invest wisely in the upgrades or new build of pump houses etc. It would be pointless and expensive to fix a problem that may have to be moved later due to unstable ground or buildings etc. This may not be convenient to everyone but is the best step to take.
  • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure repairs then future planning for another disaster e.g., better bridges, and ensuring building sites are suitable to be built on, not to be pushed into approving subdivisions for the gain of developers
  • Infrastructure
  • insuring the infrastructure is setup to handle any natural disaster
  • it really is one big priority to cover all
  • Learn from the experience
  • Looking after people - restoring services. Wait before making a decision on rebuilding.
  • looking after people who are suffering
  • Make sure EQC claims etc... are dealt with speedily. People want to get on with their lives and will need the support for a long time.
  • make sure that people have somewhere to live
  • making buildings safe
  • making people feel safe in their homes, mine has been damaged but housing new Zealand still expect the full rent for a unsubstantial living, Housing NZ should give us a reduction on our rent to help us get through this situation and until they have fixed our house
  • making sure everyone has somewhere to go and that they get help finding places and with all the money problems that come with the earthquake
  • Making sure houses have water and also making sure victims aren't being ripped off by trades people out of desperation.
  • Making sure houses/buildings are not built on the fault line, and protecting the sewage and water so they won't be affected next time.
  • making sure people are living in safe houses
  • Making sure people have a safe secure place if homes have been destroyed
    encouraging all people in NZ to make sure they have adequate insurance to cover the difference between earthquake commission and value of house etc. Councils should be more responsible to where they allow housing to be built.
  • making sure people have access to food, clean water and shelter plus ensuring homes are there for those folk to return to
  • making sure people have safe places to go
  • Making sure people know the future of their houses/suburbs
  • Making sure power, water and sewerage is restored to all buildings as quickly as possible.
  • Making sure that people are okay - have adequate housing, children are safe, water, sewerage- physiological damage.
    People who have lost homes and businesses
  • Making sure that the people who have lost their homes have somewhere stable to live.
  • making sure water, sewerage etc is ok and people have somewhere to live and get back on their feet
  • Minimal stress for residential home owner’s repairs. Efficient repair of public buildings and roads to restore normality as soon as possible.
  • Moving people into rental properties whose homes are damaged beyond repair or temporarily uninhabitable.
    Strengthen weak buildings and sewer pipes.
    Catch the arseholes knocking over the port-a-loos!!!
  • Old people’s homes and charity based assistance bodies
  • Organising the repairs to waste and water in eastern and northern districts..and determining which properties can be rebuilt on.
    Starting the rebuild of the city..but NOT in wood thank you Mr Anderton ! Let us have a modern 21st century approach.
    Just look at how the Art Gallery stood up to the quake !! All that beautiful glass !
  • people and their homes
  • People badly affected should have adequate housing ASAP, sewage pipes need highest priority due to the health risk and those areas affected should be constantly updated about progress being made by the council.
  • People being in safe warm homes.
  • People who need sewerage and water, and people with no homes/need food and clothing
  • People whose homes are destroyed
  • Peoples homes, health and safety
  • peoples houses that have been green stickered but have not got essential services ,e.g. water, sewage disposal, should be given top priority
  • power, clean water, sewage
  • power, water, sewerage, and relocating people whose homes not livable
  • Power, water, sewerage & roads. Houses for those damaged enough to move out.
  • Prepare for another big one
  • Private homes and people need help first
  • Provide reassurance for those in most need by getting things back to normal ASAP.
  • Providing safe and secure energy, water and waste services to all residential properties, followed by the same to all businesses. Providing property owners and tenants with certainty about the future options for their building and/or site - whether it must be demolished or can be repaired or rebuilt on the same site.
  • Providing services for communities that still don’t have water & sewerage
  • public safety, demolishing unsafe buildings
  • Re- establishment of sanitation & water to those without supply, even if need be order contractors off existing working sites to do the remedial work needed. I also think that better assessment of victims could have been done with the lower income earners being first on the list for paid repairmen. the high income earners have personal resources to help the , they should stand aside and let the people who earn the money for them get the first help
  • re housing effected families at no cost to them
  • Re housing those displaced.
  • Rebuild but give some thought into the replacement buildings
  • rebuild pipe lines and make sure buildings are safe
  • Rebuilding and getting Christchurch back up and running
  • Rebuilding and getting people who have been displaced into a position where they can survive at a comfortable level with some government assistance.
  • rebuilding as quickly as possible
  • Rebuilding infrastructure. We can turn disaster into opportunity; this whole earth quake thing can help with more job creation, education and improvement of infrastructure. It will surely take time, but Rome was not built in one day....
  • Rebuilding the city in the same style with modern building techniques and standards
  • Rebuilding the homes and businesses that have lost it all. But also try to keep Christchurch’s character at same time, within reason.
  • Rebuilding once the aftershocks cease
  • Rehouse those who have been the worst affected. Get the sewerage fixed should also be a priority
  • Rehouse those who've lost their homes, and get replacement homes built. Many properties have work that requires builders to do repairs, they're not structural nor major, so enable a group of builders to assess damage and provide repairs as the EQC Assessors are so very busy.
  • Reinstating power, water & sewage systems.
  • Repair infrastructure asap
  • Repair of Services
  • Repair of sewage and water reticulation services in the city, clearance and rebuilding of destroyed buildings, rebuilding of heritage buildings to earthquake standards, ensuring unsuitable soil areas are not built on in future.
  • repairing sewage pipes around the city and suburbs...more help should be available to those forced out of their homes...especially those whose homes are not completely ruined
  • Requiring earthquake prone structures to be strengthened or demolished within a strict time frame.
    Infrastructure hardening against earthquakes and other natural disasters, some redundancy may have to be built in.
  • Restoration of sanitation facilities, water supplies, power, and restoration or replacement of private homes.
  • Restoration of services, building assessment, building restoration (historic etc), updating building code - better assessment of liquefaction areas and geotech assessment.
  • Restoration of Utilities to those in need, and final say on what buildings go, to clear the mess away.
  • Restore basic amenities to the badly affected suburbs in Christchurch - the bigger buildings, etc., can wait but people should come first.
  • Restore essential services to all affected areas; speed up EQC assessing of damage and payments; legislate for compulsory earthquake insurance for all house owners
  • restore sewerage and water to areas with continuing problems
  • Restoring basic amenities, infrastructure for those still without.
  • Restoring essential services i.e. water and roading.
  • restoring infrastructure, sewerage, water etc
  • Restoring power, water and sewage to areas still affected. Then rebuild the CBD.
  • Restoring sewerage and water for people still in their homes.
  • Restoring sewerage, testing damaged land, ensuring that the many heritage buildings in Christchurch are restored to retain the city's special character.
  • Return to normality
  • returning all systems power water roads etc as soon as possible
  • roads, water, sewerage, power, phone
  • Restoring everyone to a home. I hope the Council gives serious thought to replacement of buildings in Central ChCh. A new green area would be nice
  • safety of people , health , accommodation to those in need
  • Sanitation, water, power, housing
  • Sanity rebuild for the people not the $
  • save if possible all historic buildings
  • Security of housing for those affected careful, forward thinking plans for CBD with high eco/green content. Better accountability of beaurocrats for building and planning standards.
  • Self employed are very affected like shop owners, taxi drivers etc and especially those who did had income insurance. Some of the people like linhood area still depending on council / govt assistance. And some of them complaining about the service.
    1st daily food for those who are most affected.
    2 resolve shop owner problems and taxi drivers.
  • services water sewage
  • Sewage and water
  • sewage and water for all residents
  • Sewage repaired. Portaloos outside the back of each house until sewage fixed.
    Help for businesses, and those who have lost jobs.
    Those who offer counselling services i.e. trained to be able to help. e.g. counsellor from Chch was told no she could not help as team was being brought in from WGN
    bring in teams of builders from around the country and supplies and rebuild,
    Council need to be accountable for allowing some properties e.g. building permit given to a developer less than 10years ago in a market garden area and no piles had to be put in. now at least 8 houses in that area have to be demolished from the quake.
    bringing back normality asap to Chch.

  • Sewerage and helping the working people who have to carry on even though they have damage. The quiet people of the suburbs
  • sewage
  • Sewer, Water, Power, we're not there yet!
  • sewerage
  • sewerage
  • Sewerage, clean water, homes that lost chimneys should get cheaper alternative heating installed, clean up all the demolition sites.
  • sewerage, water, getting an answer to people so they can have an idea what is happening
  • sewerage, roading, fixing houses
  • Sort out the insurance claims immediately.
  • Sorting out eqc claims so people know what is going to happen to their properties.
  • Sorting out temp accommodation for affected residents, especially those in Kaiapoi and Avonside. Then business recovery - and not just those in the inner city
  • Sorting out the people left without water, sewage and are in questionable homes.
  • Sorting out whether homes are habitable
  • sorting out whether you can build on your property or not
  • Strengthening what is left of New Zealand's heritage buildings so we don't lose any more of them in the future. Getting sewage and roads restored as quickly as possible. Housing those who cannot return to their own homes in warm, safe homes.
  • Suitable immediate rehousing for those that have had houses demolished.
  • Support those few without the necessary amentias
  • Supporting businesses who have lost premises and getting people into decent housing.
  • Get all public amenities operating as soon as possible
  • The clean up for those that still remain dependant on port a loos in their streets. Those without proper water supply. Fixing of roads. Rehousing people that can't afford to and help those that can. Every person is just as deserving as the next.
  • the displaced people and business
  • the displaced people and those who have nowhere to live
  • the EQC has replied to my minor claim which I am surprised at, they should be putting all their energy into fixing the homes that are uninhabitable, the government should be telling the affected home owners to arrange builders for themselves and book it up to the EQC
  • The highest priority should be to ensure all businesses and life is back to normal ASAP. No doubt quake have a huge effect on many people & businesses, but lives should go on. Councils & government should emphasize on economy recovery & employment issue.
  • The people and businesses that have been worst effected
  • The people of Christchurch, who still need housing accommodation for those who are still in need of a roof over their head. Then focus on the businesses.
  • The people who have lost their homes , business and the people who have lost basic amenities like water and sewerage
  • the residential people hardest hit by the quakes and aftershocks
  • The safety of the residents and rehousing as soon as possible, also making sure that water and sewerage problems are corrected.
  • The same as now.
  • they are doing everything they can
  • Those without basic needs such as electricity, water
  • To ensure the rebuilding programme has some overall picture not just rebuilt piece meal. It is an opportunity to make Christchurch a modern, cleverly designed city
  • To assess building sites more thoroughly i.e. Burwood/Waioni dump area
  • To assist those who have suffered badly as result of the earthquake, ensuring that life can return to some semblance of normality as soon as feasible. Counselling should be offered to those who are in need of it.
  • To attend to the people who do not have toilets or showers.
  • To carry on the good work, but to try to get more help to people down Avonside way with extra Portaloos, etc
  • To clean up the worst affected areas as soon as they can so that people can have the amenities they require and get back to some sort of normality in their lives. Have a good look at the sewerage and water systems.
  • To ensure everyone has basic services such as water and sewerage
  • to ensure more stringent building regulations especially when giving housing consents to build on swamp and waste land such as occurred at Bexley
  • To ensure safety of residents in the worst affected areas. Geological reporting on the worst affected areas needs to be looked at again. People whose homes are unlivable, and who do not wish to rebuild on their sites should not be adversely economically affected.
  • To ensure that things that can be, are back to normal.
  • To ensure the heritage buildings are not demolished unnecessarily and that ALL the people of Christchurch are acknowledged to help diminish uncertainty of what is going on and what is being done. To ensure EQC has a much higher level of communication than it presently has (which is poor)
  • To ensure the sewerage system is functioning correctly and providing assistance for those whose houses are uninhabitable.
  • To fully restore basic services such as water & sewage & to assist EQC in getting damage homes & land sorted quickly
  • To get as many residences running to the best of their ability, i.e. with regard sewerage and water in the worst hit areas.
  • To get everyone back into their homes/ new homes before they sort out "historical buildings".
  • To get people back into their homes
  • To get people back on their feet with power water and sewage facilities, people that need a place to live in the meantime whether that be putting them up in a hotel or rental property
  • To get the infrastructure up and running, to ensure that new buildings and reinforcement of damaged structures are stringently governed. There are a heap of unqualified and dodgy tradesmen trying to earn money from this quake, while others are doing the best they can for the community. To supply aid for those small businesses that will not survive the period of rebuild - even if this is a kick start when they plan to open again. The way government handles Canterbury will determine the voting power for National, and increase the popularity of the PM.

    As for the question below "recovery" how long is a piece of string. My life as far as a routine goes will return to normal pretty quickly, Emotionally my life will not return to normal as I now have a further insight and appreciation of the experiences of such trauma as it will occur for others in my lifetime (and as far as Haiti and Chile are concerned we had no loss of life, we had our water and power back very quickly, we had a country that sent us aid, water, food and shelter. We have a country that has sent us emotional support and health professionals to allow our health professionals to stand down. The aftershocks are a reminder that further large quakes are possible as the whole of NZ is riddled with them. The experience of Canterbury should be a reminder to all NZ'ers that a quake can hit at anytime anywhere and not necessarily on the main fault lines, or even the lesser known faults, cause as we know this 7.1 was on an unknown and unsurveyed fault.
  • To get the infrastructures up and working, to ensure people whose state houses are unlivable get accommodation.
  • To get the residential areas still suffering back to normal as soon as possible
  • To get the water systems etc up and running ALL over Christchurch / Canterbury
  • to get things back to normal as much as possible and make sure families, the elderly & disabled are looked after first
  • to get those people without toilet facilities into alternate accommodation , especially if it is going to take 12 mths to fix
  • To get water and sewage working to all houses in Christchurch city, many houses still do not have running water or toilets that work
  • To get water, sewerage etc sorted and people back into their homes/businesses.
  • To go to the worst affected areas first and rehouse then aim to start rebuilding asap
  • To have all buildings earthquake proofed
  • to help the people that are homeless
  • To help those affected personally with sewage and without water.
  • To help those people still living in houses that are damaged and have no sewerage and drainage.
  • To listen to those who have damage & try to do what they want. To be very selective in what buildings they try to save
  • to look after the people of Christchurch and get the infrastructure working again
  • to provide for water & sewage
  • To quickly assess the remaining houses so that these people can make informed decisions about the future of their house and or property.
  • To re build Christchurch and to make the older buildings saver. Safer buildings throughout NZ.
  • To rebuild Christchurch
  • To rebuild infrastructure and ensure personal belongings are replaced/compensated for.
  • To repair sewerage and water purity to those residents in most need, before health issues occur. And in the central business district deal with damaged buildings to enable small businesses to carry on their work without hindrance where it is possible.
  • to restore basic services like sewers and water to homes and if they are unable to do this in a timely manner ensure that every home affected has Portaloos
  • To see that basic services are quickly restored to all homes. Too many families still have no sewerage and /or water which to me are essential. I think also that all buildings should be checked ASAP to ensure they are safe as not all damage is readily visible.
  • Too get sewerage and running water working, get people into good accommodation, rebuild Canterbury and get people back into the workforce as quickly as possible.
  • try to bring back the normality asap
  • Uninsured people’s homes, making sure landlords/builders are honest, counselling options. Giving people food vouchers or cheap food to help out, Winz helping people who have lost jobs, saving heritage buildings, thanking/acknowledging people who have given their time/money to help.
  • Unlivable properties, high damage properties, damaged schools, community welfare and communications.
  • utilities water electricity online for everyone in ChCh

    govt needs to support businesses who have lost income and individuals
  • Water and services
  • water and sewage
  • Water and sewer for those who still don't have it.
  • Water and sewerage for residents still without it.
  • Water back on
  • water power and sewer
  • water to those that don’t have it
  • water, power
  • Water, sewer, infrastructure and looking like things are fixed. Then the mental stuff may settle down and we'll get some sleep.
  • water, sewage system, housing for those in need, financial help past the two months the government has offered
  • While the economy is important so are the lives of people most affected by this event. I appreciate that it is hard to prioritise but those that suffered the most (no water and power) need to be tended to sooner rather than later. Those living in the hardest hit areas (Avondale, Bexley and Kaiapoi) should have been helped first.